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Dr Ngoma you’re one of the greatest I have met in my life; you have really changed my life for better. Imagine all my problems are no more. I can now live a wondering free life. Thanks, so much Harriet Here in Sandton

Yes, Yes Dr Ngoma. all was released and they have dropped all charges that were placed against me. Thank you for your efforts.
Martins In Gaborone

No more witchcraft in my home, before I met you Dr Ngoma my life was a mess, I’m so grateful that all has happened as planned, I can see all happening as I propose. Thank you once again sir
Nokululeko In Eastern Cape

Its me your son here in Namibia in my farm, thank you so much for the efforts to stop my farm and property from being auctioned. I can now work again.
Joseph here in Namibia

Im go grateful for returning my loved one, your love charms and spells have let me be with him again.
Mariam Here in New York

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